Fire suppression with high-pressure water mist for all engine compartments and closed spaces

Protect your MOBILE assets from the threat of fire

Fogmaker South Africa at
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2018/09/20 | Mining Review Africa

Water mist fire suppression system for closed spaces

Fogmaker is a high pressure water mist fire suppression system for vehicles and machines with enclosed engine compartments, which is where most fires in vehicles start in buses, trucks, mining and forestry equipment.

The system quickly detects and suppresses a fire by generating a dense blanket of micro-water mist droplets within the protected area, both cooling and choking the fire, and effectively preventing the fire from re-igniting.

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Fogmaker attacks all three elements to suppress fire

The water mist reaches everywhere within the protected area to ensure the suppression of the fire and the elimination of the factors that could result in re-ignition.