Are your valued assets really protected from the threat of fire?

Mitigating the risk of an engine fire with FOGMAKER’S automatic fire suppression system is the best way to protect your fleet of valuable assets from the threat of fire. FOGMAKER is fast becoming the fire protection solution of choice, and is trusted by many owners of heavy vehicles and mobile industrial machinery to safeguard their machines, save operator lives and protect the environment in which they operate.

FOGMAKER’S high pressure, water mist, automatic fire suppression system is specifically designed for all engine compartments and is supplied, installed and serviced by FOGMAKER South Africa (Pty) Ltd, a certified partner of FOGMAKER International, with distribution rights for Southern Africa.

Why are more operators choosing FOGMAKER to protect their valued assets?

Fire suppression system for mobile equipment, using high pressure water mist, Fogmaker’s fire suppression system has been developed specifically for engine compartments and semi-enclosed spaces - which is where the vast majority of fires in mobile equipment and vehicles start.

The Fogmaker system is particularly suitable for machines where space to mount a storage cylinder is limited, as is the case with most industrial machines.

Fogmaker attacks all three mechanisms of fire

FOGMAKER fire suppression systems effectively attack
all three sides of the fire triangle

A fire requires three elements to sustain combustion - oxygen, heat and fuel. Removing one of these elements from the environment will extinguish the fire. The majority of fire suppression system’s approach is to remove oxygen from the fire zone and thus suffocate the fire. However, this is often a temporary situation: as air and oxygen return to the fire zone, with the presence of the all three elements, the fire often re-ignites.


Micro droplets of water based extinguishant are generated by patented nozzles under high pressure. These droplets flood the area being protected and evaporate immediately when they come into contact with heat. During the evaporation process,1 litre of water will expand into 1700 litres of water vapour. This rapid expansion process displaces air and prevents oxygen supply to the fire.


During the vaporization process the water mist cools the hot gases and hot surfaces in the engine compartment. It takes 1 calorie to heat up one gram of water by 1°C, but 540 times more energy to evaporate the same amount of water. Through this vaporization process effective cooling is achieved reducing the risk of re ignition.


FOGMAKER suppressant also includes, in low concentrations, an Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF). This forms a protective barrier on the surface of any flammable material or fuel, thus preventing the fuel from being available for combustion.


Where would I use the FOGMAKER system?

In industries where the consequential damages from a fire on your valuable asset is high, with the possible loss of life or damage to the environment, the installation of FOGMAKER’s reliable and effective automatic fire suppression system should be considered as part of your fire mitigation strategy.

FOGMAKER fire suppression system (FSS) is suitable for mining machines and vehicles, forestry harvesters and logging equipment; port material and container handling equipment (CHE’s); Generator sets (Gensets), airport aircraft push-backs and ground power units (GPUs), buses and trucks, military vehicles, and marine boats and yachts.

An automatic fire suppression system is recommended for all engine compartments and enclosed spaces.


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The FOGMAKER fire suppression system is developed and manufactured in Sweden. FOGMAKER has a successful global track record in Europe, Australia, North and South America, Middle East & Africa– with over 200,000 units installed worldwide since 1995.

FOGMAKER South Africa is the sole distributor for Southern Africa. With our head office in Johannesburg, South Africa, FOGMAKER South Africa has representative offices in Durban, Cape Town, Steelpoort, Zambia and Botswana, and distributor partners based in Ghana, and Nigeria. FOGMAKER Field Engineers are available to visit you on-site to conduct fire risk assessments, installations, and servicing.

At the heart of FOGMAKER South Africa is an amazing team who are passionate about our product and the customers we service. What truly differentiates us from our competition is our approach to mitigating risk, tailored system design, our speedy installation, and after-sales service..

Meet the Team

Meet the team that is protecting valuable assets, saving lives and our environment, with every FOGMAKER fire suppression installation.

Meet the Team

Meet the team that is protecting valuable assets, saving lives and our environment, with every FOGMAKER fire suppression installation.